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Tim Pre-pago iPhone
Jul 9 2010, 12:48 AM EDT | Post edited: Jul 9 2010, 12:48 AM EDT

I'll be on vacation in Brazil this coming Xmas and I would like to use a jailbroken iPhone 3G (w/ MyWi installed) as a MiFi router. I was wondering if it's possible to buy a Tim Web PrePago SIM card without a 3G modem? If so, is it possible to use the SIM in a jailbroken iPhone to act as a MiFi router?

Are the APNs mentioned above good?
APN internet: tim.br
User: tim
Password: tim


If it's not possible to buy the Sim card without the modem, I would still like to try and do that.

2nd question: does any Brazilian carrier offer prepaid plans with a reasonable amount of data ? If so, which one ?

Thanks in advance!

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1. RE: Tim Pre-pago iPhone
Aug 31 2010, 12:06 PM EDT | Post edited: Aug 31 2010, 12:06 PM EDT
Yes, it's possible to buy the SIM card without the 3G modem and use your phone as a WiFi router.

Yes again, the APN is correct.

I dont know about the other's carrier, but TIM start offering a prepaid plan for R$ 0,50 day for 10MB limit a day or 300 MB limit month.

You can get a "pós-pago" plan and get a unlimited (300kb speed limit) access for R$ 49,90 or a 1MB speed limit for R$ 119,90.
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2. RE: Tim Pre-pago iPhone
Aug 31 2010, 8:49 PM EDT | Post edited: Aug 31 2010, 8:49 PM EDT
Thanks a lot for this detailed reply ! It seems finding the information on TIM Brasil website is really hard.

Regarding the prepaid plan priced at R$ 0,50 /day: If I want to use it with an iPhone, can I get voice minutes & text with this particular plan or is it data only ?

Regarding the "pos-pago" plan: does it involve a contract of some kind or can I just use this for a month ? Is the APN the same ?

Thanks in advance !
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3. RE: Tim Pre-pago iPhone
Nov 5 2010, 4:13 PM EDT | Post edited: Nov 5 2010, 4:13 PM EDT

I traveled to Rio December 2009 for New Years Eve, and just wanted to give you a heads up on accessing wireless services in Brazil. A related thread mentions the Cadastro Pessoa Física (Individual Registration). Think of this as a Social Security Number... Although you don't have to be a citizen to have one, you do have to have a established address and a couple weeks to process the paperwork... The Cadastro Pessoa Física was a strict requirement for all the wireless carriers we visited in Rio, no one would let us sign up for even Pre-Pago services without it. Brazil cracked down on SIMs to try to limit crime by people who would use a un-locked phone and an annonymous<sp> SIM for illegal activities.

Long story short, the friend I went to visit used her CPF to sign up for a new TIMChip Pre account for the unlocked phone I brought with me. Everything worked as normal after that, but getting the SIM card was the hardest part. I'm planning to go back to Brazil for NYE 2010 and I'm looking for alternatives for SIMs since my friend will be back in the States. I'll use Skype on my iPhone for intl calls, but I'd like to have a regular phone for Rio too.

Obrigado e seguro de viagem,
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4. RE: Tim Pre-pago iPhone
Aug 21 2011, 11:06 AM EDT | Post edited: Aug 21 2011, 11:06 AM EDT
Yes, Jason is right! If you do not have CPF (like SSN in USA), you are not allowed to have a Sim card in Brazil. The only think I can tell you, that you should go to TIM store to look for an alternative to have a prepaid plan. I believe they can help the visitors with that. Of course, if you have a brazilian friend, it will help you a lot! 1  out of 1 found this valuable. Do you?    

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