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Sunrise, Switzerland's second largest MNO, offers two prepaid data tariffs:
  • "Sunrise Surf" a data pack of 250MB (CHF 7.50/month) + CHF 0.10/MB for exceeding data volume (only available to "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM cards)
    (July 2010: free of charge in the first month, auto-recurring subscription as long as credit suffices)

  • "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" a time-based data tariff without volume limitation for CHF 3.00/hour (only available to "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM cards)
    notice that Swisscom offers unlimited data for CHF 4.00/day with Natel easy BeFree, so "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" is absolutely unattractive!
Switzerland - Sunrise - Prepaid Wireless Internet AccessSwitzerland - Sunrise - Prepaid Wireless Internet Access
The Sunrise network provides nationwide coverage with GSM900/1800 and UMTS2100. The GSM-network supports EDGE and the UMTS-network is HSPA-enabled.

network coverage
GSM and UMTS coverage are shown at http://maps.sunrise.ch/coverage.php

purchasing SIM card
SIM cards are sold online through Sunrise's website and in their many retail shops throughout Switzerland (shop search). You neither need to be a Swiss resident nor national to purchase a SIM card, however you need to register with a valid ID (driving licenses are not accepted).
Both SIM cards, the "Sunrise go dayflat" and the "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM are sold for CHF 19.90, while only the "Sunrise go dayflat" contains an initial credit of CHF 20.
In Zürich there are at least two Sunrise shops, which are also opened on Sundays and holidays:

Switzerland - Sunrise - Prepaid Wireless Internet Access ShopVille (underground shopping mall beneath the central station)

Hauptbahnhof (= central station)
8001 Zürich

working hours:
monday-friday: 09.00 - 21.00
weekend & holidays: 09.00 - 20.00
Switzerland - Sunrise - Prepaid Wireless Internet Access Airport Shopping Plaza (at Zürich/Kloten airport)

Zürich Flughafen (= airport)
8060 Zürich

working hours:
daily: 08.00 - 21.00

purchasing bundle of SIM card and USB-modem
The "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM is also sold with a netlocked Huawei E1692 USB modem, which costs CHF 49 additionally to the SIM cards cost of CHF 19.90.
Sunrise Huawei E1692 Prepaid USB modem

checking credit
current credit can be checked
  • through to Sunrise's website:
  • by dialing 076 333 1234 (free of charge)
  • by entering *121#Germany - Vodafone Web Sessions - Prepaid Wireless Internet Access

topping up credit
credit can be topped up
  • online by credit card through Sunrise's website
  • at more than 600 "Migros" shops (including SportXX, Micasa, M-Electronics, Do it + Garden)
  • at more than 1000 "Coop" supermarkets (including Coop Bau+Hobby Märkten, Interdiscount and Coop Prepaid Shops)
  • at SBB-ticketmachines (national railways)
  • at gasstations
  • at kiosks
  • at post offices
  • further electronics retailers

data options
  • "Sunrise Surf" (only available to "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM cards)
    If you have a "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM card, you can activate the data pack of 250MB (CHF 7.50/month) + CHF 0.10/MB for exceeding data volume
    • by sending a text message containing the word SURF to 5522
    • through Sunrise's website (will not take effect before midnight, while subscriptions by SMS are being activated immediately!):
      • log in under http://www.sunrise.ch/eservice
      • click "Meine Produkte"
      • click "Details und Bearbeitung"
      • click the "Sparoptionen" tab
      • click "Aktivieren" for "Sunrise surf"
    The subscription of "Sunrise Surf" is automatically recurring as long as the remaining credit suffices. To stop your subscription send a test message containing "SURF STOP" to 5522 Note: If you do not activate the "Sunrise Surf" option for your "Sunrise go dayflat" SIM card, data will be billed with CHF 0.10 / 20 KB = CHF 5.00/MB!

  • "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" (only available to "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM cards)
    If you have a "T@KE AWAY PREPAID" SIM the time-based data tariff (CHF 3.00/hour) is pre-activated. You can instantly start using the SIM card.
activation of SIM
SIMs are sold/delivered pre-activated, so there's no need for activation.

validity period
SIMs are valid for 12 months after the last charged action (e.g. placing an outgoing phone call, sending a SMS, using data). So a text-message every 12 months will keep the SIM alive infintely.

check the remaining volume (for "Sunrise Surf" subscribers only)
  • log in under http://www.sunrise.ch/eservice
  • click "Rechnungen und Kosten"
  • click "Kostendetails"
  • click the "Inklusivleistungen" tab
  • see the remaining data volume under "Verbleibende Leistungen"

important to know
  • Price per MB without data option activated: CHF 5.00/MB (billed in 20KB-increments)

internet experience
  • bandwidth
    • In EDGE-covered areas you will experience download speeds of up to 200 KBit/s and upload speeds of up to 100 KBit/s
    • If HSDPA is available download speed will reach up to 7,2 MBit/s.
    • If HSUPA is available upload speed will reach up to 1,45 MBit/s
  • instant messaging
    • There is no blocking of any instant messaging service. ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo were tested successfully.
  • VoIP usage
    • VoIP/SIP : untested
    • Skype: untested
  • VPN usage
    • untestest
  • IP address
    • untested
  • connection over GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA
    • АPN: internet
    • username: [blank]
    • password: [blank]

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