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Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) offers Internet access via their prepaid cards with several options (see below)

Where to get the SIM card: In a TIM shop in Italy, price is 10€ (with 5€ balance).

Activation of the Offers:

Smartphone Tariffs
Send following Text to 40916
activate / de-activate / balance
TIMxSMARTPHONE: 300 MB in 7 Days for 3€ (0€ first month for new customers)
Only for Smartphone Usage
TIMxSMARTPHONE 4G: 500 MB in 7 Days for 6€ (0€ first month for new customers)
VoIP and tethering are allowed!
TIMxSMARTPHONE MESE: 1 GB in a month for 10€ TIMSMARTMESE ON / ? /

Internet senza limiti, mainly for USB modems
Send following Text to 40916
to activate / deactivate / check status, expiration date / check balance
Internet Large: 5GB per month for 20€ @ 14.4Mbps PRO INTERNETLARGE
Internet 42.2: 10GB per month for 25€ @42.2Mbps PRO INTERNET42.2 (*)
Internet 4G: 15GB per month for 35€ @ up to 70MbpsNEWINTERNET4G ON or PRONEWINTERNET4G
*) This code needs to be checked. The original text of the activating code for 'Internet 42.2' tariff on the TIM's web page (identical as for tariff 'Internet 4G') seems to be false.

Option activation costs 5€. Options are automatically renewed and should be deactivated manually!
The option is activated within 48 hours of the activation request. Confirmation of activation will be sent via SMS.
When a limit of transfer is reached, the browsing speed is reduced to 32 Kbps with no additional cost.
At cheaper tariffs VoIP and peer to peer are not allowed.

To change your current Tariff, please go to TIM office, or use TIM control panel (recommended)

To select English as the standard control panel language please call 40916, till the announcement of the remaining credit is over and then go to menu option 1 after press 2 then 1 then 3 and then 2 (for English) or 3 (for German).
-> after selecting the language i had to confirm (with 8) or cancel (with 9)
You can also change your language via SMS to 40916:
  • English: LINGUA ING
  • German: LINGUA TED

The offer is automatically renewed and is for an indefinite period unless terminated.

  • APN to use:, no username and password required
  • All services are open

How to check the status and expiration date:
Send an SMS for free to 40916, with a text: INFO INTERNET40 (or INFO INTERNET100)

How to check data balance:
To check how many hours are still left, call 40916, wait till the announcement of the remaining credit is over and then go to menu option "1". then 1 the IVR voice will announce the remaining volume (or hours).

Or: check it via TIM web-site (see instruction bellow).

How to check the main balance:
Send an SMS for free to 40916, with a text: PRE CRE SIN
Dial *123# (only abroad while in roaming)

How to disable the option:
Send an SMS for free to 40916, with a text: INTERNET40 OFF (or INTERNET100 OFF)

How to top-up the card:
1. Buy a scratch card for 5 to 50 euros. Send an SMS to 40916 which contains "RIC XXXXXXXX", where XXXXXXXX is the secret number from the scratch card.
2. Use or and PayPal, takes 24-48 hours to be processed.
3: The scratch cards are sold in a lot of places such as supermarkets, electronic stores and so on
4: Top up with your credit card (or PayPal) via TIM website (only in Italian)

Another way to to activate tariffs/plans/etc via TIM web-site:
1. Send a SMS for free to 41901, with text TIM XXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXX is your new 8 digits password - but simple passwords as 12345678 are not allowed)
2. Go to : and login with your phone# and password.
3. Now you can add/remove/check data balance/ and more...........
4. Only in Italian...


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Anonymous Personal hotspot 0 Aug 1 2012, 12:18 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Aug 1 2012, 12:18 PM EDT  Watch
Altogether, I've been pretty happy with TIM, having re-used a year old micro sim. Getting it activated was quick and easy. After having restarted my new iPad, I got a carrier settings update and installed it. After this the personal hotspot was enabled and worked very good until after 5 days everything stopped. I went back to the shop and the man told me after talking to tIm people over the phone that I had used some SMS service that caused everything to be blocked. He made me pay €5 more to get the sim reactivated.
I was not aware how I could have used such a service, but the an told me he had it disabled.
After this Internet worked but my personal hotspot option on my iPad was gone. The man in the shop
didn't know how to activwhence again. When tapping Settings-General-Network the option Personal hotspot was first searching something (over the net I assume) and then displayed the option set up personal hotspot. When tapping this a pop up showed up saying that I had to call 119 or check TIM's website how to activate personal hotspot for this account. On the website I couldn't find anything on how to activate the personal Hotspot and calling 119 connects to rude Italians who mostly don't speak English and don't want to connect you to someone who does. When I did encountered someone speaking English they didn't know what I was talking about or advised me to restore my iPad. The only reason I can think of is that TIM send a new carrier updated after the restore, otherwise it's crazy advice.
So, I didn't get the hotspot working again.
Anyone with experience with personal hotspots? Real handy because you can connect all you other devices to the Internet as well.
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Anonymous Took less than 1 hour to get activated! 0 Jul 31 2012, 3:33 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Jul 31 2012, 3:33 AM EDT  Watch
After being scammed by the unstable and slow WiFi at our Camping site, 55 euros for 14 days at painfully slow speeds (30KB/s MAX.) and unstable internet, we went to the local TIM shop in Porlezza to buy a prepaid SIM with internet access.
The guy at the counter was very friendly but spoke limited English. However, we managed to explain him that we wanted to buy a prepaid SIM card with internet. He asked if I wanted to use it in my smartphone and I said yes, as I wanted to use my phone as a modem/tethering. He then told me that I could only buy a SIM card with 250MB or 500MB 'smartphone' internet, because the other SIM cards with 1/5/10GB tablet/PC internet would not work in my smartphone because 'they use a different protocol'. I found that hard to believe so I told him I also had a tablet to use the SIM card in, and asked him to sell me the SIM card with the 'Internet Large 5GB' add-on, costing a total of 29 euros (10 euros for the SIM, 19 euros for the internet ).Usually there is also a 5 euro activation fee, but currently there's is promotion which waves the activation fee and also doubles the bandwidth limit to 10GB.
He then asked for my driver's license or passport/ID card, made a copy of it, and sold me the SIM card as I requested. He told me it would take about 1 hour for the SIM card and internet add-on to be activated.
I then left the shop and inserted the SIM card into my mobile phone and after about 45 minutes I got a text message telling me that my Internet Pack Large had been activated and that I could now use prepaid internet access using the 'ibox APN'. Make sure to check that you're using the correct APN. My default APN was set to, but they clearly stated in the text message so I changed it.
Sure enough, just as I thought, the internet was working perfectly in my smartphone, so the 'different protocol' story is not true as far as I can tell.
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Anonymous Slow to enable. 0 Jul 26 2012, 9:29 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Jul 26 2012, 9:29 PM EDT  Watch
Are visiting Caorle close to Venice. I didn't find any TIM shop on the airport (Marco Polo) and when I arrived in Caorle I asked in the hotel and they directed me to a local HiFi store, Expert Grandin HiFi. I went there on sunday and they sold me a SIM card for a 10 euro and an option Internet large for 19 euros. Itincludes 10 Gigabytes during 30 days. I need to bring my passport to be able to activate the card. They also told me that it could take between 24 and 48 hours to get the card activated, which I thought was quite long time since I am only staying in Italy for one week. Anyway, I purchased the card and got back to the hotel and started to wait for it to get activated. Nothing happened during monday. On Tuesday still no activation has been done. Calling in to the free 119 service wasn't very helpful since it was in italian. So after 48 hours I went back to the store. They found out there was indeed no activation done for the card. And then they found the copy of my passport in the bottom of the pile of registrations to be processed. Apparently they haven't done anything with it and they didn't want to admit they have failed. Then they started to say that it was not 48 hours. It was 2 days. And the guy behind the computer started to finger the keyboard on the computer. Really mad I asked for a return since it was not working. But they claimed it to start working at 14.00 the same day. I walked home to the hotell (thinking bad thoughts about italian inefficiency and italians in general) and then at home Internet finally did work... So don't but anything in an Expert Grandin store in Italy. They are not very helpful and don't speak any English at all. Especially not when you are complaining...
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