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A1 B.Free is the prepaid brand of Telekom Austria (A1), currently the mobile network with the best coverage in Austria.
A1 offers the B.Free Breitband (broadband) as a SIM only or in a set with an HSPA USB-modem.

Price, rates, options:
9,90€ including 1,0GB to be used within 12 months (March 2013).
For reload you can choose
either 20€ for 3GB and 12 months validity
or 10€ for 3GB and 1 month validity

Password: ppp
Primary DNS: (not necessarily to be set)
secondary DNS: necessarily to be set)
Prepaid credit: *101#

There is no special activation necessary. Just buy the card at any A1 Store with no ID or what so ever for 9.90€, insert the SIM to your Phone or Data Card, it will start working in a few minutes.
Telephone-No. of Customer-Support is given in the booklet coming with the SIM Card.

Traffic check and Top-Up:
When connected via the SIM card go to this page to verify how much data can still be used, when the offer expires and to top up


  • Be aware that there are also "normal" B Free prepaid phone SIM card Welcome Package which cannot be used to use the data options (well you can but data download price for these around ist €15/ MB).
  • The specific "B.Free Breitband" SIM card is needed - It can also be used for voice calls but prices are very expensive (around 70 euro cents per minute).
  • After the initial 1,5 GB is used or expired you can choose from the options above.
  • After buying the SIM card I only had web page access for a couple of hours. Afterward, full access was granted. Whether this was a temporary failure or normal when first using the service is hard to tell.
This package has been tried in October 2008, and it worked more than great! The A1 3G coverage is really awesome!

Addresses of shops can be found via this link.

Speedtest A1

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Anonymous Works well, once you get it sorted. 0 Apr 15 2012, 5:27 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Apr 15 2012, 5:27 AM EDT  Watch
I picked up one of these last year (2011) at the Innsbruck shop. After several hours of frustration, I got back on the train from Seefeld. At the shop, the assistant first claimed it was OK, then checked the SIM holder, turned slightly pale and grabbed several packages from the stock box, swiping the SIMs one by one. Then followed what seemed like a fraught telephone conversation that featured the phrase "Nein, tut es nicht" several times. The assistant eventually admitted that the whole batch had been blocked, for reasons which were not explained.

When I got back to Seefeld, I still couldn't get the SIM to work in my Huawei dongle, because the installation wouldn't talk to Linux. Finally, I borrowed the Holiday Rep's Windows laptop and got it going. Once working, the service was excellent. So: don't bother trying this unless you are using or can borrow a Windows machine to get it going. If it still doesn't work, get a tech savvy, fluent German speaker, preferably with an A1 Telekom account, to sort it out with the support line, or take it back to the shop.
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Anonymous A1 Bfree not good !! 0 Jan 27 2012, 3:15 AM EST by Anonymous
Thread started: Jan 27 2012, 3:15 AM EST  Watch
last month in Austria for 3 weeks, decided to go for 1000 minutes for just 10 euro's. Sounds too good to be true. And indeed, it was not.....
After activating my number, I made just 1 local call and sent 1 text mess................ and my 10 euro's were gone.
No need to mail to helpdesk (or via "myA1"). they dont react.

in the end, it would have been cheaper to use my Dutch number.

heard lots more complaint inbetween other ski instructors. So, dont buy it.
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Anonymous great, but beware of activation trouble 1 Sep 9 2011, 6:39 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Jul 17 2011, 8:55 PM EDT  Watch
19.90 eur offer is still valid. gives you 1.5 GB to be used in 12 months. 10EUR tops up with 500MB (30 days), 20 EUR tops up with another 1.5GB (12 months). If you top up while still having credit, the longest valid time takes precedence!

Beware! Their initial provisioning often does not work. In case you get no connection with the proper settings, use the card in a phone and call the hotline. They will likely tell you that there is a big outage. Do not fall for that and insist that they activate the card immediytely. This is also reported in german language fora. I fell for it and then discovered that their hotline is closed on Sundays. Once it works it is great!

You also get 1 EUR credit for calls ans SMSes, so the card is useable for a call in a pinch. The tariff is not very good though. The hotline appears to be free, but available only Mon-Sat 0700-2400.
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