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The frequent and occasional traveler requiring access to the Internet knows the problem: You are there, your notebook is there but no Wifi hotspot. But don't despair. 2G and 3G cellular operators in some countries offer wireless Internet access using GPRS/EDGE/UMTS via prepaid SIM cards.

For outsiders, it's a bit difficult to find out if such an offer is available at the destination. This Wiki aims to help finding such offers. The search the Wiki for a particular country, enter its name in the search dialog box on the left. In case you travel to countries for which you can't find a local offer, take a look at Vodafone WebSessions, which can be used to access the Internet in most European countries and also some countries elsewhere with a prepaid card for a daily fee.

One person can not do it alone! Thus, I invite everyone who knows something about prepaid wireless Internet access somewhere in the world to participate and add this information to the Wiki. Even if you do not have all the details, add what you know and surely somebody else will pick up and add the rest.

Adding information is quite simple, no login is required. Just create a new page or add information about an operator that is already in this wiki by clicking on the edit button on the respective page.

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